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Photo Toolbox

Automatically Resize / Crop / Watermark your Images

All in one tool to resize or crop and watermark your images. Set it up once and it works automatically. Scale, crop, resize, watermark, SEO.

  • Automatically resize, crop and watermark your images
  • Set it up once and it works automatically
  • Beautiful results that work well with any theme

Bottom line: Slow-loading images cost you sales.

Google research found that 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load.

Online stores need images, but they must not be heavy and slow to load. That's what Photo Toolbox is for. You set your target size and shape and Photo Toolbox will convert all your images for you, automatically, speed up their load time and even add a watermark to protect them if you want.

Photo Toolbox also makes SEO optimized ALT tags and image names, as part of the process.

But not only that, Photo Toolbox also stores a copy of your images on our secure servers for you. We are bit on a paranoid side. So when it comes to your images, we make really sure to preserve all your original images and keep them safe. In fact every time you change your filter settings, we use your original image from our secure Amazon S3 backup storage to get the job done.


  • Multiple filters
  • Label certain images to not be automatically processed
  • Edit images and re-edit them and Photo Toolbox will still process them
  • All current and all future images automatically processed
  • Full backup of all original images

Our image filter is robust and full-featured. Install Photo Toolbox now, for free, and try it yourself, before you need to accept any billing. Scale, crop, fit/fill, resize, add watermark -- set up whatever you need. Once you activate the app and set filter that works for you, you can forget about Photo Toolbox. Every new image you add will automatically be enhanced with the filter settings you chose.

We know you are busy. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Install Photo Toolbox. We will immediately start to backup your images (without affecting your existing images at all)
  2. Accept billing. There is generous trial period so you can cancel at any moment before you pay anything.
  3. Edit filter and save its settings. The default values are already ready for most general use, you don't even have to change any of them. Saving filter settings will activate image generation. You can watch the progress if you want, but you can also close the app, all the magic is happening automatically in the background.
  4. Tell us what you think. Feel free to ask questions or request new features.
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